How do I become a Driving instructor?

Driving instruction is a great career for men and women, who love driving, and want to be out on the open road teaching other people of all ages and abilities how to drive.

What are the requirements to becoming a driving instructor?

1) You must be 21 years old or over.

2) You must hold a UK driving licence, and have held it for at least 3 years. You should not have more than 3 penalty points.

3) You should be of good character, and the DSA (Driving Standards Agency) will check your background.

4) You need to pass 3 qualification exams:

PART 1 ADI (Approved driving instructor) EXAM- A driving theory test and hazard perception test.

PART 2 ADI EXAM- A special driving test with stringent marking. You must demonstrate a very high level of driving skill.

PART 3 ADI EXAM- A test of your ability to instruct a pupil. The test is divided into 2 parts, with a senior examiner role playing the characters of two learner drivers at two levels of ability. This exam in particular takes much preparation and specialised training in order to pass.

Where can I get more information on becoming a driving instructor?

1) Go to the DSA website where you can get more information, and purchase an ADI starter pack, which includes full details of the examinations, entry requirements and training recommendations.

2)Go to the driving instructor training section of www.drivinglesson.biz, where you can find details of companies that offer specialised driving instructor training and courses.

3)Go to the ADI forum of www.drivinglesson.biz, to find information and discussion between ADIs and PDIs (potential driving instructors).